Look at us – Who are we raising!

What kind of generation are we? Do we condone disrespect, bullying and out-right delinquency? I must ask this when people are trying cloak a disgusting act in the obliviousness of youth, when people try to justify the unjustifiable. A video was circulating on social media, showing a student hurling a book at her Teacher. People have shared different views on the video, her parents saying she was provoked……. I could go on and on about this and the parent’s reaction but let’s just call it what it is, shall we? Its ill-discipline, it’s disgusting and makes the rest of society look bad.

We are not helping anyone by making excuses, lets address it head on. What could be happening in this child’s home? How is she being raised? We need to address this issue because this child will be an adult in society one day. We need to address why she and her parents feel justified in her reaction towards her teacher. This is how we end up with leaders who are bullies, managers who make the work environment hell, subordinates who are insubordinate and abusive parents.

It is because children are not being heard at home, they are not listened to, not allowed to have an opinion and neglected (this has nothing to do with whether they are rich kids or not) all these affect children of every socio – economic status. It really does begin at home, we need to be more kind, more respecting and loving to our children, tell them when they are wrong, applaud them when they are doing well, encourage them. An important lesson we can all learn from this, affected or not, we need to realise that we MUST raise decent students, a decent workforce, decent members of society and a DECENT, PRINCIPLED Generation of adults. Our Children are a reflection of us, and our society., It’s our responsibility – all of US!

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