Geargia Fearn – L’Amour


A new entry to the line up this week is a young artist from Wales; Georgia Fearn with a song  (L’Amour) from her album called Perfect on paper.

Georgia Fearn is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Carmarthen. She first began to write songs when she was 9 years old, and has developed this talent to slowly create an original album chock full of surprises, ‘Perfect on Paper’, described by Vacant Ceremony as a ‘welcome mixed bag of catchy pop songs with hints of folk, indie and alternative hip hop’. The hooky, dynamic lead single ‘L’Amour’ has been pegged as unique in so many ways, with a vocal that describes an ill-fated love story with an ‘infectious chorus that will have you singing along in support’.
Georgia is a self-confessed book addict, who derived much inspiration for the eccentric characters that feature on the album from novels and film. Her track Misty Mae is particularly characterized by a personality of the same name in ‘American Horror Story’, being described by Listen With Mongers Blog as a ‘story telling heart and the kind of energy you might expect to find in a soggy, fogged in country pub on a Friday night with a Ceilidh band playing in the corner’.
She has played in many different venues, perhaps most memorably the famous Cavern in Liverpool, and her shebang of alt.pop delight has been played on BBC Wales radio station among others.
She accompanies herself with both acoustic guitar and piano, and she is set to appear at the Big Catch Festival August 2018 to perform her music that is ‘original and fresh without the shackles of expectation’.

Below is a video of Georgia Fearn performing one of her songs at Bay Music Extra

[UK] Wales, United Kingdom

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