Black Business!

Black business is a concept that is being thrown around every time there is an argument about brands, service and the economy. There real question is, Are we there yet? Are black business people ready to serve? Are we as black consumers ready to make the choice to buy black? The biggest misconception is that black people provide the worst service. This is absolutely untrue, especially from the black business owners, chances are you will find the owners of the business serving, you find them on the floor of their operations, black business owners know what’s at stake and therefore they will try by all means possible to give the best service. Try them!!!

It’s very easy to say black businesses are not supported, but who is to support them, if we as black people, still prefer Gucci over Poetry, when we read Glamour and People magazines over Destiny when we choose to drink Rupert instead of Aslina wines, when we’d rather be in Sandton than to be in Vilakazi street. Why are we so willing to pay more to brands that aren’t even our own and then question our own brands when they sell their products for the same price? This should not sit well with any of us.

We will only see the difference once we consciously make the decision to support African businesses. When one wins, we all win, our children will see success, they’ll know success, see it possible, be great and so the cycle continues. The platforms exist, businesses are set up, the only missing link is support from each other and everyone else will come. Let’s make people want to wear our brands, be served by us, eat like us.

Let us support the black dream. – Phambili! It’s our Business!!!

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